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Restaurants and Places to Visit in Colombo, ThumbsUp
ThumbsUp.lk features up-to-date info on Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions, Places to see in Colombo, nightlife, shopping tips also it allows you to save money through getting you touched with best money saving deals / Offers / Coupons / Promotions of one's favorite merchants.

Hotels in Colombo, ThumbsUp
Our Mission is straightforward: Make Finding Merchants and Businesses Easier.

ThumbsUp.lk is definitely an initiative developed by WiW Lanka, a start-up based company which is founded in November 2014. Company considers them like a newbie in the online market space but attempt to be an opportunistic and revolutionize the marketplace place. WiW Lanka consists which has a dynamic team who'll lead the company with their expertise knowledge on Management & Marketing and so they carry a vast taste show them innovative marketing and communications processes to modern business world. The c's will be dedicated to keep you up to date with every piece of information on best places in town through ThumbsUp.lk and they want to give you fascinating experience online with lot more excitements to come. Keep hitting up to make ThumbsUp.lk your site to Find Businesses.
How is it that visitors fall directly into ThumbsUp.lk?

 Find best merchants in town
 Know the best Deals around
 Plan your shopping experience
 Rate, Comment and show passion for your favorite merchants

How come Merchants fall directly into ThumbsUp.lk?

 Make your Brand Image Look really good Online
 Make customers to Feel better about your Brand with complete business profile
 Make you to be found in Search Engines
 Make your Brand and Promotion attract existing and potential customers
 Save Money by making you to definitely spend only 1% of the Traditional Advertising budget
 Save Time by Cause you to to do your Business as We take care of your online presence

Grow your Business with ThumbsUp.lk

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